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Roots of Mali (SOLD OUT)

Enter a fascinating fantasy world created by SunCoreGames, where mystical tribes are torn apart by internal strife. Fierce power struggles and cunning strategies lead to epic confrontations deciding over total supremacy in the Warring Lands.

The Game

Roots of Mali features an unprecedented challenge, with a high replay value for strategists. A portable, tournament-ready combat and positioning game that is easy to learn and has great replayability. Players compete against each other with characters represented by dice – zero luck involved!

One World many Tribes

Roots of Mali is a standalone game and 100% compatible with its predecessor Light of Dragons. Tribes from both games can be combined for new challenges and even greater replayability. Each tribe consists of 6 different creatures with unique abilities and distinct power levels. Tribes from both editions can easily be distinguished by the color of their representative dice.

The Confrontation

Each player takes on the role of the forest tribe in the fight for the sole domination of the Warlands. Through tactical use and clever movement of your own army you can outwit and defeat opposing creatures. In this confrontional game the players have several standard actions. A tribe contains six creatures of various power levels and individual skills. By vanquishing an opposing creature you gain victory points equal to the creature‘s power level. The first player to collect 10 victory points wins. This is achieved by tactically moving creatures and exercising their special powers to outwit your opponent, eliminating his character dice from the board, the Warring Lands.

Gameinfos: 2 Player ¦ 12 + ¦ 15-45 Min.

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