Light of Dragons

Welcome to Light of Dragons a tactical board game where the dice turns to your warriors. Its all about power, epic battles and insidious strategies. Luck does not take part so its up to you to win the fight! Dive in the fantastic world of SunCoreGames today.

What is „Light of Dragons“?

Every Player takes the Control of a mighty nation of the dragons who fight for the sole reign of the battlefield. Use your creatures in a clever way to defeat your enemy. In the turn-by-turn game you can use several standard actions. If you defeat an opposing creature you get victory points for the level of the creature. There are 6 different creatures witch have individual skills, they are represented on each side of a die. The player who reaches 10 points first wins.
The game is easy to learn and guaranties a unique challenge for strategist and for sure you will play it not just ones

One World – Many Tribes

Light of Dragons is a standalone game and 100% compatible with its successor Roots of Mali. Tribes from both games can be combined for new challenges and even greater replayability. Each tribe consists of 6 different creatures with unique abilities and distinct power levels. Tribes from both editions can easily be distinguished by the color of their representative dice.

Game infos: 2 Player ¦ 12 + ¦ 10 – 30 Min.

Media & Downloads: Rules ¦ Pictures ¦ Review